Q: Should I update my 3DS?
A: Never, EVER update your device (3DS or DSi) unless you have ensured that your flashcard(s) work on the update. This is because new updates tend to blockflashcard(s) . In fact if your children tend to accidentally update their devices you should enable parental controls to block updating.

Once you have made sure of that, though, then yes you should.

Q: How do I "ensure" this, though?
A: Please refer to the list below.
Usually you will have to update your flashcards itself too, unless it has been confirmed to work without updates.

Q: How do I update my flashcart then?
A: First you need a device (DS phat/lite, DSi or even a non-updated 3DS) that can run your flashcards. In other words if your 3DS or DSi is already blocking your flashcart you will have to find another device.

Get the updates from your manufacturer's website, or from the list below. Be sure to download the correct update for your cart. Extract the files from the downloaded zip archive, place them in the ROOT of your microSD (not in any folder), then read the instructions inside. Usually they are in a "readme" file. Put your microSD back into the cart, put the cart back into your working device, and follow those instructions to update.

Q: I have already updated my 3DS before updating my flashcard! What should I do now?
A: Get a DS phat or lite, as these will never block flashcards which can run on the 3DS. If you can't find one get a spare DSi or 3DS which is not as updated (i.e. is not already blocking your card). Run your flashcard update on these instead.

(Alternatively if you have a Supercard DSTWO you can try this solution, BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO UPDATE USING THE METHOD ABOVE.)

Q: I don't have any of those!
A: Borrow one from a friend, or from a friendly shop nearby. Otherwise you'll have to try borrowing them from a stranger on the streets who happens to have a DS. If you explain your situation they will probably sympathise, especially if they are also running flashcarts. Flashcard updates take only minutes, and will not affect the DS/i or 3DS itself, so they should have nothing to worry about.

Q: I can't find any of those either. Where can I find a pre-updated card?
A: Some reputable online sellers are already advertising flashcards pre-updated for 3ds v2 on their websites. You can buy one from them. As for the other sellers you can contact them directly to check if their carts are pre-updated, and to specially request for one if they aren't.

EPIDIGIT provides pre-updated 3DS cards for our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@epidigit.com.